Newton's Law of Fear

An object in motion remains in motion, until stopped by an unbalanced force.

Therefore: Newton's Law of Fear is fear that remains in control until another force stops it.  I wont lie, I haven't drawn as much over the last year due to fear.  Fear I wasn't good enough, fear that the stories I wanted to tell were awful.  

I am exceptionally lucky.  I have amazing friends who also happen to be artists.  One in particular, is not just a friend, but an artist I deeply respect an admire.  And her quiet chats about never feeling good enough made me realize how much I was paralyzing myself artistically by fear.  

This isn't just me.  I've heard it over and over again.  Fear of creating.  So I decided, that needed to stop.

I'll be at CTN Expo again this year in Burbank.  And with any luck, at least one of the stories I'm working on will debut there.  Wish me luck.