CTN Wraps up! Fox & Boots debuts!

Wow!  What a fantastic convention.  CTN Expo in Burbank, is by FAR, my favorite show to attend. Getting to hang out with old friends, new friends, meet people I've admired and looked up to on a much smaller scale than SDCC is awesome.

But this was a first for me.  I put together and published my first children's book.  It's in a format I knew everyone would get (square, saddle stitched like my old children's books), but the interior pages were setup like comic pages.

I loved doing this book, enough to do a process video for Youtube, here:


Along with this video, I brought back only a few copies of the book.  You can purchase them here:  

Fox and Boots
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With this successful run, I hope to fund future runs of the book.  Right now, the first print run was limited to 100 copies.  Once these copies are gone, it may be a few months before I can restock, so if you're looking to get this for yourself or a loved one before the holidays, I cannot guarantee I will have more by then.

Thanks so much!