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contact: karenkrajenbrink@gmail.com

I’m an art monkey living in San Francisco with my husband, our deaf dog, and our herd of cats.  Aside from drawing, I enjoy music, hiking, clouds, cooking, and hockey games.  My ultimate goal in life is opening a farmstead creamery specializing in goat cheese.


ph. 805-279-6689

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Lead Artist - In charge of managing art teams for various projects.  I help create the look and feel of the games, while mentoring artists under me to be the best they can be.  Happily employed at Storm8.

Senior Artist – Responsible for the creation of animated and still assets for the games Happy Pets, Happy Aquarium, and Happy Island for Crowdstar Inc.

Flash Animator – Responsible for the creation of animated and still assets for the flash based games Island Paradise and an undisclosed project for Meteor Games LLC. Promoted to Senior Artist and then Lead Artist, where I was in charge of a team of five artists under me.

Illustrator – Created full color and/or inked illustrations for ingame card art for Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Online through Frogchildren Studios.
10.2010 – 1.2011

Character Designer – Responsible for incidental character designs and re-designs on Dora’s: Explorer Girls – First Concert for Nickelodeon Animation Studios. One month contract.
4.2010 – 5.2010

Character Designer – Responsible for the rough designs and final character packages for major and incidental characters as well as orthographics forMade in Paradise Productions in association with Crest Animation and Universal Animation Studios on The Little Engine that Could.  Credited with Visual Development and Character Design.
11.2008 – 6.2009

Character Designer – Worked closely with art director at Frog Children Studios on concept designs for Disney’s XD Avatar generator which debuted this February.
11.2008 – 12.2008

Character Designer – Returned to project after academic hiatus. Responsible for all main and incidental characters for a 3D comic book project: The Dreamland Chronicles.
2.2008 – 5.2008

Sketch Artist – Freelance work done for Topps and Upper Deck in association with New Line Cinema, LucasfilmLTD, and Marvel Comics. Executed sketches of known characters and likenesses.
11.2007- Current

Character Designer – Responsible for the visual development and final look of lead and incidental characters for an unnamed project for Universal Animation Studios in association with Made in Paradise Productions.
1.2008 – 7.2008

Comic/Penciller – Pencilled 17 pages for Arcana Studios: Clockwork Girl #4 under the art direction of Kevin Hanna and Sean O’Reilly. Extremely tight deadline.

Storyboard Artist – under the direction of student director Melissa Goodway at Laguna College of Art and Design, created the animatic to a three minute short film called Sarah’s Story.

Intern – Worked beside Carol Police and Karen Keller, helping with file management, research printing, copying, etc. Also responsible for feature film concept design, assistant feature film background painting for Made in Paradise.
6.2007 – 9.2007

Visual Development – Responsible for background and layout elements for the pilot The Zoo produced for Nickelodeon under Blue Dream Studios. Art Director: Scott Christian Sava

Character Designer – Responsible for all main and incidental characters for a 3D comic book project: The Dreamland Chronicles. Art Director: Scott Christian Sava
7.2002 – 6.2005

Laguna College of Art and Design 2004-2007
Graduated Cum Laude: BFA in Traditional Animation

Guilds and Associations
Animation Guild (TAG 839) member since January 2009

Adept in Storytelling — 3-4 years experience
Visual development — 4-5 years experience
Character design — 4-5 years experience
Comics — 4–5 years experience

Expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro
Adept in Acrobat, Flash
Knowledgeable in Dreamweaver, 3DStudioMax